Pakistan tries to establish good ties with her arch-rival India


Pakistan tries to establish good ties with her arch-rival India

By Zain Rebel (Article Writer)

In the wake of changing political and economical situation of South Asia, Pakistan has decided to start ties with her prolonged enemy India. Now it is the time to end up the enmity that has been going on for generations. States must have to understand that survival in today’s era completely depends upon keeping good relations with neighbors. Rivalry with neighbors can never let a country move towards her growth. Pakistan wants to produce a biggest diplomatic change in the history of both countries.

Pakistan has been keeping try to build constructive relations with India but India is still not confident to trust Pakistan and the situation among both seems that she doesn’t want  to have ties with Pakistan. Pakistan and India said in February 2021 that they had recommitted themselves to the 2003 ceasefire arrangement at the Line of Control and agreed to address the ‘core issues’ that could undermine peace and stability. Pakistan also has offered number of times to India that we have to kickoff bilateral talks as soon as possible but India is not yet ready for it. Pakistan also handed back Indian Air Force’s wing commander Abhinandan to India during February 2019 incident. It was only for the sake of peace gestures from Pakistan that it wanted to establish friendly ties with India. All seems in Vain until India does not expand her hand for bilateral dialogues.

The army chief of Pakistan has given a statement of expanding hand of peace and friendship towards India, he said that “lasting peace in the sub-continent will remain elusive until the resolution of the Kashmir issue, stressing that it was time for India and Pakistan to "bury the past and move forward”. The bright statement Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff clearly gives the message of bringing peace and stability in the region. Pakistan wholly wants to build constructive relations with India for the better future of both countries.

This was not the only message from Pakistan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has responded to his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi’s Pakistan Day message, telling him that the Pakistani people "also desire peaceful, cooperative relations with all neighbors, including India”. Pakistani nation appreciated this decision of Indian PM that he sent good wishes to Pakistani nation. Though, that was a traditional message from the Indian PM to Pakistan but Pakistan appreciated and considered this message a clue towards making ties with India. Pakistan felt that this is the right time and a good opportunity to bring an enemy closer because neighbors can never be long lasting enemies. It is always to be decided one day that both neighbors are enemies or can be a good friends for future. Pakistan is taking all the measures to expand her relations to all of the neighboring countries.

Spokesman of Pakistan foreign office has issued a statement that the onus is on India to create an enabling environment. Pakistan has been keep trying to build up good relations with India, now India has to decide that she should have to end up this rivalry or to keep continue.

Anyhow, India is still double minded on this decision as India sometimes shows interest of supporting Pakistan’s stance while sometimes it seems to be in confusion. Indian PM gave a statement to Pakistan in his message of Pakistan day that "As a neighboring country, India desires cordial relations with the people of Pakistan,” Modi wrote. "For this, an environment of trust, devoid of terror and hostility, is imperative”. Modi also extended greetings to the people of Pakistan on occasion of Pakistan Day, which was being celebrated across the country.

These messages summarize that India expressed her views to have friendly relations with Pakistan but later on, India started shirking in her decision. Indian media started bashing Pakistan and still keeping it continue. Some other Indian officials are doing false propaganda against Pakistan. Indian ministers from west Bengal are still playing Pakistan Card in their elections campaigns. They have claimed in front of their public to get vote bank, that Pakistan’s involvement is present in West Bengal.

On a side Pakistan is continuously giving gestures of peace and friendship to India, but India is not considering it wholly. Pakistan has opened kartarpur border crossing for Indian Sikh pilgrims. It was a good initiative taken by Pakistan and also a gesture to be friendly with India. On the other hand India stopped Sikh pilgrims from attending Saka Festival in Pakistan on 19 Feb 2021. India also faced huge criticism by her Sikh citizens on the occasion of their holy festival.

Pakistan is trying to bring India on the table of dialogues again and again by giving peace and friendship gestures but India has not been showing interest for many times. Once Pakistan gets succession to start negotiations with India on all of the matters including Kashmir issue, Pakistan will never feel shy to build trade relations among both countries. These are all the measurements to build peace and stability in South Asian region and to prevent external powers who are trying to intervene in the region. Pakistan is passionate to keep this region safe which is why Pakistan is creating occasions again and again to make India a part of this effort. India is facing confusions in her decisions that either India should trust Pakistan or not. In today’s era both countries cannot survive in rivalry against each other. India must have to make alliance with Pakistan to keep South Asia safe from evil eyes. Pakistan is offering friendship to India again and again, so this is the golden opportunity for both of countries to forget the past and start a new journey towards development which will definitely bring peace and stability in the region.

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