AC cum Maintenance Technician required

Location  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted  December 11, 2018
Category  Engineering
Salary 2001
Work Hours Day
Street Address Al Qouz


Dear Applicant, Currently we are looking for AC technician cum maintenance.

Job Summary
As an HVAC technician, you have the freedom to travel from job to job. If you are self-motivated, good at problem-solving, like working with your hands and enjoy meeting new people every day, this is the job for you. At our company, our technicians are tasked with working on refrigeration, ventilation, cooling and heating systems. Your job as an HVAC technician is to help our customers find a comfortable temperature, no matter what the weather is like outside, while helping them save money each month on utility bills without sacrificing comfort by offering options to improve the current system. HVAC technicians must be ready to repair, install or maintain all heating and cooling systems in a home or office building.

Job Description
• Maintain, install, and repair air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems.
• Sell maintenance contracts to current customers to ensure products last longer. Perform preventative maintenance to increase the longevity of any HVAC system.
• Discuss various options with clients when it comes to heating and cooling systems, and help them determine which option is best for their situation.
• Troubleshoot issues with a current system as they are noticed.
• Conduct performance tests with specialized tools and adjust system settings to keep temperature comfortable in the home or office.
• Travel to different area and businesses throughout the day and determine problems in order to repair or replace the system before the customer is inconvenienced.
• Categorize and organize inventory to limit unnecessary losses to the company.
• Move to and from each job quickly to maximize your time during the day and ensure that as many customers as possible are helped.

• Apprenticeship under a journey person for two to five years
• Special certification through the Environmental Protection Agency to handle refrigerants
• Arabic speaker
• Joining immediately

•Current UAE driver’s license
• Preferred Tourist Visa / Visit Visa or cancellation visa.



• On the job training or experience
•Candidates should have good communication skills an English and presentable.
• Required state licensing for HVAC technicians showing state exams were passed

Experience Requirements

•Experience of 2 – 5 years

Education Requirements

• Certification or associate’s degree from an HVAC program at a technical school


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